Accountability Squad Roundup: October 2015

29 Oct Accountability Squad Roundup: October 2015


Business people standing in front of the globe. Business concept. IsolatedOur blog roundup for the month.   Check out our selection of great posts to help you and your business.

Our Favorites For The Month of October

*3 Activities You Should Be Segmenting Time for to Boost Productivity – If you want to boost your productivity you need to segment your time.  Find out how!

*5 Sponsorship Negotiation Mistakes that Hurt Your Bottom Line (and Make You Look Dumb) – Don’t make these mistakes when working with sponsors or as a sponsor.

*5 Ways to Manage an Outsourced Team on a Startup Budget – You finally decided to outsource, but how do you manage on a tight budget?

*How Much Time and Money Do Small Business Spend on Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC] – Check out this infographic on how much money small businesses spend on social media.  This was very enlightening.

*23 Tips for Running Your Business from Anywhere – The internet lifestyle….working from anywhere….how do you make it work for you?   These tips will help.

*10 Amazon Prime Day Lessons You Can Benefit From Today – Learn how to get the most out of Amazon Prime.

We hope you have a Happy Halloween and enjoy the  above spooktacular posts.

Robin Smith
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