Blog Roundup – June 2016

30 Jun Blog Roundup – June 2016



Our blog roundup for the month.   Check out our selection of great posts to help you and your business.

Our Favorites For The Month of June

Blog Roundup

Saying “No” Shows Respect – Saying NO is a learned skill.  We all need to learn how to do it and understand that saying it is sometimes the most respectful thing we can do.

Stop Procrastination In Its Tracks – Do you put things off?   It is time to put a stop to that!

Real Leadership Is About Controlling the Flow of Crap – You have heard, “The buck stops here!”   Well in this case “the ‘crap’ stops here.”  Learn how real leaders keep it under control.

Three things experts MUST do to give a great presentation – Learn three things that will help you give fantastic presentations.

Is This Fear Holding You Back From Success? – Are you afraid of failure or afraid of success?   Either on can hold you back.

Summer Spruce Up: Create a Facebook Call to Action Button – Do you have a call to action button on your Facebook page?  Learn how to create one.

Why Leaders Can’t Over-Communicate – Communication is the key to successful leadership.

We hope you have a wonderful July 4th.  Enjoy family, friends, freedom and fireworks!

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