A Business Building Journey

Is Your Comfort Zone Too Cozy?

We all have big dreams.  For some they are daydreams of a different life.  For others it is just raising your business a notch.  Still others it means starting a business from scratch.   Whatever it might be it isn’t going to happen if we stay...

A Business Building Journey Pt3 – Lessons Learned from Michael Port
EnteringNewWorldBy starting my own consulting company, I didn’t realize the new world I was venturing into. Business building was nothing I had ever been exposed to before. As an employee in a large company, I had worked on proposals to bid on work but had never worked in or with marketing as a way to attract clients. As I wrote in my previous post, it didn’t take me long to realize I had to get myself and my company name known if I were to survive in the business world. Clients were not going to come looking for me if they didn’t even know I existed. “Book Yourself Solid” was a great book for someone just getting started in business building like I was. The book walks you through how to talk about what you do, it helps you determine your target market so you know who you are focusing your message to, and the book even goes into lots of different ways you can get
A Business Building Journey Pt2 – My Introduction to Marketing
IntrotomarketingMy company, DLO Consultants, LLC, started as a consulting company for software development organizations that wanted to create and implement structured and repeatable processes and procedures so they could produce quality products. I come from a software development and project management background so I am uniquely qualified to be able to help these companies. After I went through the business startup phase and had all my ducks in a row, I realized that I didn’t know how to get clients to know that I was ready to help them. I know that sounds funny – even a bit hilarious as I write this today…but 4 years ago, that was
A Business Building Journey Pt1 – Introduction

How I got started with my online business I call it my “online business” rather than my “coaching business” or my “marketing business” because over time, the focus of my business has evolved and morphed from training to coaching to mentoring to affiliate marketing to Internet...