Do Less, Produce More!

22 Apr Do Less, Produce More!


We’ve all heard the old saying “practice makes perfect.” The more we do something, the better we get at it. What if someone told you that the old phrase we know and love is actually inaccurate?

Do Less  Produce More

Sure, practicing and gaining experience with a task is the only sure way to become more skilled at it. However, Daniel Sih, co-founder of Spacemakers, recently revealed to the world that there’s more to it than just practice.

The key to success is actually this formula: “Practice + Thinking = Perfect

Why? Read his post on Productivityist: Too Busy to Think: 6 Ways to Create More Space and find the answer.

Find out why you should spend more time reflecting than doing. Then, follow the six tips and watch your productivity begin to soar as you “Do less and Produce More”!

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