Eliminate Distractions: Get More Done!

20 Jul Eliminate Distractions: Get More Done!


We have been talking a lot about goals and  how to reach them.   One of the things I have found that keeps people from reading their goals is distractions.  There are just so many possible distractions and let’s be honest….we enjoy some of those distractions.


I sat down today to write a couple blog posts.  While sitting here writing, an old friend sent me a message on Facebook, we hadn’t talked for a couple months, so of course. I stopped to chat.  Then I noticed that my husband had shared a picture and I followed that rabbit trail.   Then a pop-up appeared from my email that said I had made a sale, so I looked to see what that was about.  While in my email account I noticed a few messages I hadn’t read so took a look at them.   Then my husband texted me that he needed some information.  I had to go look in my email to find what he needed and send it to him.  The list goes on.  These were all things that made me smile but they were a distraction from my goal of writing posts.

I bet you face the same kind of distractions.   You spend all day at your computer and then feel like you didn’t get a darn thing done!   Did you know the average person in an office loses 2.1 hours of work time per day due to distractions?  That is a lot of time.

While I was rummaging through my email account, I noticed I had a message about an infographic.  It just happened to be the perfect infographic for me to see today, How to Focus at Work in the Age of Distractions, created by OnStride Financial.  I thought I would share it with you as well.  I like how it gives you ideas for not only how to minimize distractions in your workspace, but also your time, your inbox, and it also touches on why we need a digital detox.   I will save my thoughts on that for another post.   But take a look at this infographic.   It is enlightening.

Try a couple of the tips and let me know if it improves your productivity.



Robin Smith
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