Focused Work: The Key to Overcoming Distractions

13 Apr Focused Work: The Key to Overcoming Distractions


DistractionWe all want to accomplish more.  You have the best of plans to get at least half the items on your “to do” list done today, but then you get distracted.  We have all been there.

Cal Newport’s “deep work” is defined by the following formula:

High-Quality Work Produced = (Time Spent) x (Intensity of Focus)

Sure, the formula seems simple: if you put more focus in, you’ll get your work done in less time.

But what about all of our distractors? With everything going on in our individual worlds, it’s hard to produce a lot of good quality work.

Luckily, Paul Minors recently posted an article called How to Spend More Time on Focused Work.

Not only does he acknowledge those distractors but he offers specific tips for how you can produce that quality work. Learn what “make time” is and how you can give yourself more of it!


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