Keeping Your Business Afloat

29 Jun Keeping Your Business Afloat


Business AfloatSometimes your business is sailing along and then something unexpected happens and you struggle.  It might be a health crisis, a death in the family, something in the business, or just life in general.   It isn’t planned, and it throws you off course.  Finances become an issue.  How do you keep your business afloat?

We have been talking about obstacles, and staying on track.   Sometimes it just isn’t possible.

When you run into hard times in your business, you need a lifeline.  A way to keep you head above water.   A way to stay afloat till you get your sea-legs back.

Veronica Kirchoff wrote an excellent post addressing this, read, Tips To Keep Your Business Afloat When You’re Struggling.

Veronica addresses a variety of options for improving your finances.  Everything from cutting back to collecting outstanding payments to refinancing.  I think you will find her post most helpful.


Robin Smith
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