Increase Productivity: Honoring Your Learning Style

03 Jun Increase Productivity: Honoring Your Learning Style


Everyone has a predominant learning style.  Some have a mix of styles. Knowing what your learning style is can help you to be more productive.  You won’t waste time trying to remember what you are learning.

Increase productivity

Learning Styles

Decide which type of learning is most effective for you:

  • Visual Learner

You find it easier to learn from reading, graphics, videos, cartoons, diagrams, webinars or infographics.  For more information you can check out this post, Teaching the Visual Learner.

  • Auditory Learner

You’ll pick an .MP3 file or a podcast over a webinar or article any day!  To learn more, How to Teach and Auditory Learner.

  • Kinesthetic Learner

You need to learn “hands on”—by doing things, touching them; jumping right into a new platform or software.  You learn by doing!  Read How to Teach a Kinesthetic Learner, for more information.

Once you have determined your best learning style or styles, honor it. Get rid of that written “To do” list if visual learning is last on your preferences list. Dictate that article, if you’re an auditory learner. Draw little icon pictures instead of writing things down or use a mind-map, if you’re a visual learner.

If you cater to your preferred learning style(s) you will find that tasks flow easier and you remember things better, leaving you with more time, focus and energy. You will be more productive.

What kind of learner are you?

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