Ready, Set, Go! Action Steps and Rewarding Yourself

25 Apr Ready, Set, Go! Action Steps and Rewarding Yourself


For the past two months, we’ve been helping you get everything ready to complete and conquer your boldest dreams! You started with a simple brain dump exercise, and look at how far you’ve come. You should be proud of yourself!

Ready set go

Now what? It’s time to put your hard planning into action! You should begin to carry out each day with your current goal in mind. This requires taking action steps. You must recognize that the desired outcome will not come automatically. Write down a few steps that you will take each day to help you reach your ultimate goal.

Don’t forget to celebrate each time you accomplish an action step. Studies show that employees in organizations perform better when managers operate under a “reward system.” This can apply to individuals too – you will perform better when you reward yourself for doing so.

Don’t just cross your actions steps of the list! Give yourself a big high-five for completing them!

One thing you can do is write down your reward prior to completing your action step – this will give you more motivation to go for it.


Here are some ideas for rewarding yourself:

  1. Get your hair done
  2. Read a book for pleasure
  3. Write for your own pleasure
  4. Take a bubble bath
  5. Go window shopping
  6. Allow yourself to have a sweet treat
  7. Have a date night
  8. Go to a sporting event or concert
  9. Open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving
  10. Take a nap
  11. Eat a tasty protein bar after a workout
  12. Allow yourself to indulge in social media for an hour or two
  13. Take a painting class
  14. Lay out in the sun
  15. Paint your nails

Notice that some of these things take little to no money at all. If you’re not financially able, you may need to be more creative with your rewards, but don’t skip them! Give yourself something to look forward to.

Ready, set, go!


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