Self Review: 3 Ways to Take Account of Your Ability

04 Jul Self Review: 3 Ways to Take Account of Your Ability


Summer has officially set in. Are you still keeping track of your goal progress? Let’s treat this month like an annual employee review, but you’re conducting it on yourself! Have you been doing everything that you can to meet your goals? Are you living up to your own expectations?

Self Review

Self Review Tips

Here are some tips to keep in mind when reflecting on your progress. We’re going to teach you how to take account of your ability.


 Go back and look through your goal journals and to-do lists. Look at how far you have (or haven’t) come. If you have not kept those items, I suggest that you start doing so.

This is a completely subjective activity. Do not compare your progress to others’. Compare where you were then to where you are today.

Critique–But Don’t Be Overly Critical

It’s true. You are your biggest critic. And that’s okay, but try not to be too hard on yourself.

Try to come up with a few positive things before harping on the negative. Write down three things that you’re proud of yourself for accomplishing. Then, write down one thing that you wish you would have done to stay on track.

The ratio should always be more positive to less negative. Getting down on yourself will only stunt your progress.


Think of this as the “so what?” part. What’s next? Whether you’re ahead of the game or falling behind, there is always room for improvement. What should you keep doing? What should you eliminate from your routine?

Also, use this stage to think of creative ways to move forward. Try a brand new work out to spice up your fitness regimen. Attempt a whole new marketing strategy. Summer is the time for fun and harmless risk-taking to discover inner abilities that you never knew you had.

Need Some Help?

If you need help getting on track, I will be happy to help.  Contact me, Debbie O’Grady, for a complimentary Get on Track Conversation. We will talk about your Dreams and Goals and in just 30 short minutes, I will help you get on track towards the road to success.  Schedule your call here.

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