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Accountability To Complement Your Coaching Program

Are your coaching clients getting frustrated by their lack of progress … and are you getting frustrated with them?

Maybe it’s time for some accountability … and The Accountability Squad™ can help!

We help Coaches better support their clients by adding an accountability feature to their services. What we do is keep track of your clients’ action steps and hold them accountable for taking them — so you don’t have to!

Why Add Accountability?

  • It’s a value-added benefit that can help you attract and more importantly retain clients.
  • It frees up your time for focusing on the big picture.
  • It helps your clients get more out of coaching by keeping them on track and focused – always moving forward to accomplish their goals.
  • It creates additional touch points to keep you “top of mind” with your clients — without taking more time out of your schedule.
  • It lets you keep 100% of your client calls focused on coaching, instead of taking up the first 10-15 minutes to check in on their action steps.

Who I Work With

The Accountability Squad works with a wide variety of coaches (Business, Life, Mindset, Health, Fitness,etc.), most of whom charge $10,000 a year or more per client for their program.

How Does It Work?

Every two to four weeks, depending on your preference, your clients will be invited to join a small group call (max 4 people – all from your program), where we’ll

  • Check in on their previous action steps
  • Celebrate the progress they’ve made (very important!)
  • Determine their action steps for the number of weeks until the next call (2 or 4)

Then, behind the scenes, we’ll circle back with you to update you on each client’s progress with the action steps you’ve assigned and inform you on any persistent blocks that will help you determine your next steps during your coaching sessions.

“But Aren’t You or your Accountability Specialists Coaches, Too? How Does That Work?”

Whenever my Certified Accountability Specialists work in tandem with coaches, our interactions with their clients are always 100% transparent. That means

  • The only brand name they will ever hear mentioned is yours.
  • We always make it very clear to your clients that we are not in any way their coach, nor do we ever advise them on your behalf.
  • We focus only on whether clients have taken the action steps that you have assigned them — never on what they should be doing or how they should be doing it.
  • Your clients will always be referred back to you for any coaching questions that come up during our calls.

These and other parameters are covered in the contract that I personally sign with all coaches prior to our working together, and I as well as my certified Accountability Specialists take them very seriously.

What Does It Cost … and How Do I Sign Up?

Your investment for the Accountability Add-On Program will depend on how many clients you have and how frequently you want to schedule accountability calls. Please send me an email so we can schedule a quick phone call to discuss.

Let’s talk about the difference The Accountability Squad can make for you and your clients!